ProStage-FX® is an exciting new line of high-end, European quality special effects

for live shows and large events with more visual innovation, more flexibility, more technical superiority and more heart-stopping visual impact than anything of its kind.  

Company founder Coen de Laat is the man behind this just-released line of seriously hardcore SFX gear.

After more than one successful decades as head of pioneering Netherlands-based SFX company MAGICEFFECTS.COM BV,  Mr. de Laat has brought his considerable experience and expertise to Southeast Asia. 

The result: ProStage-FX® — a brand expressly created to serve this fast-growing region.  



ProStage-FX® line is manufactured in Thailand, in strict and continuously verified compliance with European industrial standards. Using the highest quality Europe-imported components, uncompromising precision engineering and an obsession for design detail, we are able to achieve an unmatched level of safety, performance and reliability.  

Now while it’s true that we’re a company founded on high technology, at the end of the day our business is making you look good — and as you will soon see, we’re very good at what we do.  

This new, logistically integrated line of Co2-guns, jets and shooters are built for heavy action, with the power to blast out massive amounts of fog, confetti, paper streamers and mist up to amazing heights, giving you a foggin’ easy and cost-effective professional track to the most spectacular SFX show imaginable.  

ProStage-FX® will set you apart and make it clear you’re ready for high-stakes, big-time shows that require the kind of superior quality, fan-screaming impact and otherworldly vibe our devices can deliver.  

With such intense, precision-synchronised, in-your-face visual wizardry at your fingertips, you’ll be master of the mood, in the house. Think about it: Every ProStage-FX® – jacked show you perform becomes a live-fire demo and real-time showcase of your stagecraft skills and credibility as an SFX professional. And excitement literally fills the air as you blast your calling card sky-high across the wide-eyed gazes of dazzled partygoers and potential future clients alike.  

Think this level of capability is for you? Then check out our website to see the entire range of 2017 ProStage-FX® products in pics, specs and vids.  And don’t forget to bookmark us and sign up for our newsletter to find out about additional products we have planned for release in the coming months that we’re sure will cover all your live show and event SFX needs.