Maximizing Event Impact: How and Where to Use the ProstageFX’s FX CO2 Jet DMX

Understanding the FX CO2 Jet DMX: Specifications and Features

Before diving into its applications, let’s review the key specifications and features of the FX CO2 Jet DMX:

Durable Construction: Made with heavy-duty, black powder-coated steel, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Adjustable Output Angle: Easily adjustable output angle with an indicator for precise control.
Safety and Control: Features a separate safety channel and DMX controllable with a low-noise nozzle.
Mounting Options: Can be clamped on truss rigging or mounted on the stage deck using an FX Base.
Connectivity: In-Out powercon and DMX connectors for single or multiple-unit activation via a DMX Switch or FX CONTROLLER (available separately).
Portability: Equipped with a handle for easy carrying and a quick-release connector.
Consumption and Output: Consumes 0.5Kg/sec of pressurized CO2, with a blast range of 8-10 meters.

Where to Use the FX CO2 Jet DMX

1. Music Festivals and Concerts

The FX CO2 Jet DMX is a showstopper for live music events. Positioned on the stage deck or rigged above the stage, it creates stunning visual effects that sync with the music’s beat. Use it during high-energy songs to amplify the crowd’s excitement. Its low-noise nozzle ensures that the fog bursts won’t overshadow the music, maintaining the perfect balance between audio and visual elements.

Best Placement:

On the stage deck for upward plumes.
Mounted on truss rigging for overhead blasts.


Enhances the energy and excitement of performances.
Creates memorable visual effects that engage the audience.

2. Nightclubs and Dance Parties

In nightclubs and dance parties, creating an immersive atmosphere is essential. The FX CO2 Jet DMX can be strategically placed around the dance floor to produce intermittent fog bursts that elevate the party vibe. Its DMX controllability allows for synchronization with lighting and music, adding a dynamic element to the event.

Best Placement:

Around the dance floor perimeter.
Integrated with lighting rigs for coordinated effects.


Intensifies the clubbing experience with synchronized fog bursts.
Adds a layer of excitement and visual interest.

3. Corporate Events and Product Launches

Corporate events and product launches often require a touch of spectacle to make a lasting impression. The FX CO2 Jet DMX can be used during key moments such as product reveals, award ceremonies, or grand entrances. Its precision control and adjustable output angle make it ideal for creating dramatic effects that highlight these pivotal moments.

Best Placement:

Near the stage for product reveals or award ceremonies.
At entry points for grand entrances.


Enhances the impact of key moments.
Creates a memorable and professional atmosphere.

4. Themed Parties and Special Occasions

For themed parties and special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or New Year’s Eve celebrations, the FX CO2 Jet DMX adds a magical touch. Use it to create fog bursts that align with the event’s theme, whether it’s a winter wonderland, a futuristic sci-fi party, or a glamorous gala.

Best Placement:

Throughout the venue for consistent thematic effects.
At focal points like the dance floor or stage.


Complements the event theme with dramatic fog effects.
Enhances the overall ambiance and guest experience.

How to Use the FX CO2 Jet DMX

Setup and Installation:

Mounting: Use the attachment holes to secure the unit on truss rigging or the stage deck with an FX Base.
Connectivity: Connect the device to a DMX controller using the powercon and DMX in-out connectors. Ensure you have a flexible high-pressure CO2 hose to connect the dip-tube pressurized CO2 cylinder.


DMX Control: Use the DMX controller to activate single or multiple units in sync with your event’s cues. Utilize the separate safety channel for extra control.
Adjustments: Adjust the output angle as needed using the indicator to achieve the desired effect. The blue LED test indicator helps ensure everything is functioning correctly.


Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for setup and operation.
Ensure proper ventilation and safety measures are in place, especially in indoor venues.

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The FX CO2 Counter: Precision Control for Your Special Effects

An essential accessory for managing your CO2 effects is the FX CO2 Counter. Specially designed to keep track of CO2 consumption during events, this device ensures efficient use of resources and provides peace of mind. The FX CO2 Counter is particularly useful for fixed installations where CO2 usage spans multiple days, as it saves the last known states. Compatible with other ProStageFX devices like the FX CO2 Jet and FX Blaster XL, it can be controlled via the FX CONTROLLER or the FX DMX SWITCH. This precision tool allows for better management and safety, making your event’s special effects both spectacular and reliable.

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